Speaking with a Canadian national while possessing TS Clearance

I currently possess a TS clearance and am about to start speaking with a Canadian national with the intention of marriage (in my culture, you get to know someone for a few months and meet them a few times before getting married, consensual on both sides obviously). Given that I am going to report this, what are the chances of this revoking my TS clearance? I would think its not a big deal as long as this person isn’t sketchy, but would like to hear other’s opinions.

Report the relationship and you should be fine.

Does it matter at all that she lives in Canada and has no visa/citizenship with the US?

Self-reporting is the key. Also, inform them if you plan to sponsor her visa &/or for US citizenship. Tell them that if she plans to hold dual US/Canada (or any other country) citizenship.

What Ask Me Anything said…

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