Special Investigation HSPD-12

I have had two HSPD-12 clearances in the last several years from different agencies. The first went through quickly, but the second was more detailed. It too was approved.

A month after approval for the second I was advised to contact a Special Agent to discuss my two previous employers in a different industry. The concern is that during my last two positions in the previous industry I was terminated to some cause they justified. None involved ethics or misconduct – only issues they considered performance or competence.

I have been employed in my current industry for two decades (with a year break to focus on the different field for a period). I have worked for the same company for the last three and a half years and have done very well. My performance appraisals have gone very well. I have used my 2 HSPD-12 there.

My question is what is this investigator trying to find? Is he looking for confirmation of the issues (which do not involved ethics or misconduct) or are they simply trying to wrap the investigation process up? He was nice to me on the phone so I am hoping for the best.

Thank you so much for any assistance!

I doubt the investigator was trying to find something in particular. When certain issues come up, like a involuntary termination for example there are a standard set of questions we have to go through and ask the Subject. We are not just making questions up. We literally have to ask the questions and report your answer or disclaim in the report that you either did not know or refuse to answer. - from an investigator

Thank you so much for your response! My concern was they might have been pin pointing something they found on an employment record. Perhaps this is just a routine follow up in this scenario?

Thanks again HR2c!