IC Agency - "Security Call" Prior to Polygraph Question

Hi all,

A few days ago I had an initial call with a representative at the hiring agency where we skimmed over my SF-86 and I was asked a handful follow up questions. This is prior to taking the polygraph and was not with the person who will actually carry out my investigation, that interview is still to come.

I’m a little concerned that the follow up questions asked and answers I gave did not go into a lot of detail, particularly about my past drinking habits, and that could potentially come off as intentional dishonestly.

Two specific things:
I was only asked about my current drinking habits, and I drink significantly less than I did in college. If during the investigation or polygraph I’m asked it comes out that I did drink to the point of intoxication many weekends, it could seem like I tried to hide that during this call.

I also said I had never gotten into a “Physical or verbal confrontation while drinking”, but after some thinking I did get in an argument with a friend’s neighbor about noise levels once.

My SF-86 on the other hand is filled out entirely honestly. I did not omit any legal incidents, drug use, etc.

Would you recommend I try to get back in touch with the person I spoke with to clear these up prior to taking my polygraph? These are two details I plan to bring up I will certainly disclose in my subject interview when my background investigation actually starts and we dive deeper into the details, but my concern is that I will not seem consistent with the information I provided during this brief call and will be seen as dishonest.

Any advice is much appreciated!

That is likely the employer pre-screen. I use my own as well to see if there are any disqualifying parts, like MJ within last 12 months, etc. I file mine with the employee records and tracking sheet to keep an eye on where they are in the process. If I gave an SF86 and it doesn’t’ line up with the screening form…I decide if it was a minor issue or broader one requiring clarification on the SF86. If I feel they resolved my questions I update their screening form indicating they provided more info. Continue to be truthful, if the company decided to not pursue employment they should tell you. If you are in process…they decided to move ahead with you. Some employers will do a pre-screen with criminal history check. If there is a record of an arrest you did not cover with the employer…it can be grounds for not pursuing you further.