Spouse credit check

My husband is applying to be an FBI SA. He is about to begin his background investigation. I have some outstanding credit cards that are being pd, about $15,000. Nothing is delinquent, no bankruptcy or anything of that nature. Will they be pulling my credit report and deny his clearance for my debt. He is not listed as an account holder for any of my accounts. This was incurred prior to our marriage.


Thank you

If none of the accounts are delinquent and his SSN is not being reported on any of them then there should be no concerns. Just be aware that if any do go to collections or judgment that depending on your state, the creditors may be able to hold your spouse accountable.

Do they pull the spouses individual credit?

I can say with 99.9% accuracy that they will not pull the spouse’s credit report. Again the only drawback is if the accounts are joint accounts then the spouse and subject of investigation would be included in the credit report.

@northstar@lynn82 I will second this. My spouse’s credit was not pulled for either of my SSBIs for TS/SCI.

Why do they require the spouses ss#?

@Concerned01 I know it’s used to verify identity, places of residence, check criminal records, etc. I suppose some government entities might be checking on credit, but there has never been soft or hard pulls on my spouse’s credit while I was undergoing SSBIs.

I have been told they dont check it, but trying to find out, for sure!! Thank you!

It seems it’s a bit different today. They are somehow able to do soft pulls without it being reported since they say you can have a credit freeze but the government can still pull whatever they want/need to.

On a spouses individual credit, without authorization?

Your spouse’s “credit” does not normally get directly pulled. Their debts show up when you are tied to that credit/debt. Just like other financial events and records. I have uncovered shenanigans where the Subject tried to hide foreign assets or delinquent debts under their spouse’s information. Not only does that dog not hunt, it will turn around and bite you.

Be aware, some agencies require you, the Subject, to report household income/debts to determine the income to debt ratio.