Regarding Credit Score-Financial-Background Check


Hello everyone!

In regards to the financial aspect of the background checks, specifically credit/FICO scores, my question is this: do they focus only on the applicant's credit/FICO score, or do they combine your spouse's credit/FICO score into the overall analysis?

Background: I have some unpaid debt. I am actively involved in clearing this up. Most of debt is from school loans, which I am also paying on, i.e., in good standing. However, my spouse, who also has some debt that she (we) are paying on, too has school loan debt, which is markedly much higher than my own.

I am currently under the impression, from my research, that financial "baddies" are typical, and perhaps represents the lion's share of issues applicants for security clearances face. Obviously, doing nothing shows a level of irresponsibility, which cannot be overlooked, which is why I am very pro-active in clearing up old debts, and managing my credit rating.

However, I have no clue if my overall debt will be combined with my spouse's debt. There is a part of me that says, "uh, yeah" but I just do not know. Is there someone who can shed some light on this?

Thank you in advance.



Credit/FICO scores are not considered in adjudicating a background investigation. What they look for are patterns of dishonesty or the lack of reliability in not paying agreed upon debts or living beyond your means. Only debt incurred by you, whether jointly or alone is considered.


I'm going to join the military but my MOS require a Top Security Clearance. I had a few accounts in collection that are being pay now by payment plans, all of them. I have the documentation for it and I'm also a client of legal credit solutions, a company that help people with their credit. So I'm working with it. My question is, can I pass a TS if I have all the support documentation for it? I have a clean record, credit will be the only concern but I'm doing everything i can right now.


As long as you have initiated and follow through on actions to resolve the delinquent debt then the issue can be mitigated. As a caveat, other considerations would be: past history of delinquent debt; reasons for the current debt; and living beyond your means.