State Department Duplicates Investigative Efforts

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There are some things just make you shake your head and wonder why? In the background investigation world, quite often it is the Department of State (DoS) who are involved in things that don’t quite pass the common sense test. Let me give you an example of a scenario I ran across recently: A contractor…

Nothing new.

DHS does the same thing, apparently.

I’ve had applicants complain to me and say, “I don’t have to do this. I am cleared at the highest levels.” Well, you’re not the President, nor are you on the National Security Council. So, no, you’re not cleared at the “highest levels”. Complete your e-QIP or don’t get a job. Simple.

State does their own thing. Because they can.

This document is a good read as well.
I’ve read it several times :laughing:

Every agency wants their own special guidelines and their own special requirements…they want to be and feel special about their people. It does seem frustratingly wasteful of taxpayer dollars…but I look it as job security :wink: