Stealing from Your Employer is Not a Good Idea

Originally published at: Stealing from Your Employer is Not a Good Idea | ClearanceJobs Blog

Stealing from your employer - and then lying about it - is a great way to lose a security clearance.

Appears Marko gets a kick out of using the exclamation mark when saying “clearance denied”. Almost like it satisfies his soul to a great and large extent to see someone not receive a clearance.

It’s nice to see the clearance process work at times. I wish more people were denied clearances for things like infidelity, lying to their spouse about their infidelity, and overall poor judgments, poor conduct, and bad characters in general have no business holding a clearance.

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The opposite is also true. Qualified and talented applicants get denied security clearances for reasons which have little or no relevance to their suitability for a particular position.

It’s generally a bad idea – security clearance or no security clearance! :slight_smile: