Student loan Forbearance


If my student loan is in forbearance, will that prevent me from getting a clearance?

Not if it is in good standing.

Why would the government agreeing to allow you to delay paying your student loan cause a problem with the government granting you a clearance?

Think about it . . .

I’m sorry for the dumb question. I’m just super nervous . I’ve been reading and researching All about security clearance and I fear being denied for any type of financial situation . Thanks for your help though.

If you have been researching this, you should have an idea of what will and will not cause a denial. There are no secret passwords or automatic disqualifiers. There are no trick questions designed to trap you. This is all pretty straight forward.

I don’t mind the questions. My suggestion to “think about it” is really designed to help you get through the rest of this process. For the most part, if you “think about it” most things will make much more sense.

Yes sir. Thank you for your advice.

Loan deferment is fine. Loan default…on the other hand…not so much.