Submit an SF86 while deployed

I’m in the military and currently deployed. I need to upgrade my clearance and was wondering if it is possible to submit an SF86 while you are deployed. I have heard from someone that it isn’t possible but I’d rather get a more reliable opinion before I give up on it.

Thank you in advance

There is an option if it is absolutely critical that you complete it before returning from deployment, but should be a last resort. Here is the option:
The Third Party Data Entry (3PDE) role was developed in Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) as an alternative to allow agency users to enter data directly into e-QIP on behalf of an applicant who is unable to access e-QIP. 3PDE also gives agency users a means to enter Standard Form (SF) information into e-QIP for Foreign Nationals who do not have a Social Security Number (SSN). At the current time, 3PDE is to be used only for the 2010 SF 86. OPM will no longer be accepting hard copy SF 86 forms. By using the 3PDE function in e-QIP, agencies will have a means to provide all SF 86 cases electronically.

Thank you for the quick response.

What would qualify as absolutely critical. My situation is there is a job opening with limited seating but I need at the very least an interim TS/SCI. I can wait for when I get back but the chances of me securing that job will more than likely be little to none by that point. Again I really appreciate the help.

Applying for a future job is not a justified reason to undergo an upgrade investigation. If that were the case everyone would be trying to get the highest level clearance they could to be more competitive.