Suitability and Misconduct Question

Not a security clearance question per se but it is a clearance question. I just passed the Foreign Service Oral Assessment and am waiting for my security interview.

I’m starting to get paranoid because one potential disqualifier is misconduct in past employment. I was laid off about 18 months ago and my employer alleged misconduct to avoid making unemployment insurance payments. I won the case on the first round but there are still 2 rounds to go.

On the one hand, the alleged misconduct in question (raising my voice, sarcasm) is so mild, and is the only possible blemish on my work history. Besides, claiming misconduct to avoid paying UI is so common that even the biggest bureaucrat would be somewhat understanding. I also have signed statements from two coworkers backing me up.

on the other hand, it’s still alleged misconduct., and the case may still go against me.

Thoughts? I know enough not to hide anything from DS.

As long as you were forthright in disclosing all information as required and there is no pattern of similar conduct it will not be an issue. Honesty up front is always the best policy.