Suitability denial?

Hello All,

I recently accepted a position with an agency, and I believe I received a suitability denial. The whole process involved getting read on for a DoD SCI, then getting approval from another agency for site access. I was approved for the DoD SCI, however the IC agency denied facility access. I ended up getting put in a different location that only required DoD SCI.

The reason? I had reported a foreign cohabitant that is a Chinese national ( Chinese Girlfriend). This is not new, as I had reported it quite some time ago, and it is on my sf86 and my SSBI reinvestigation cleared.

I’m not quite sure if this is a suitability denial, as I did not receive any documentation. I’ve heard browsing here that after a year you can apply again. Is this true? I am currently working the program, just not in a capacity where I work on the customer site.

No they are just not comfortable with the association. At this level, the holders of the cleared info have great discretion on accepting risk. In this case it isnt saying you’ve done wrong…you did the right thing. They just feel it presents a degree of risk.

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I completely disagree with the other reply. Having foreign contacts or a foreign cohabitant / spouse is not a suitability denial. Foreign activities and financial remain the number one reason, tight at this point, for denials. That having been said, the connection to the HRC (heightened risk country) has to question your loyalty and simply having an SO born in a foreign country alone does not. I’ve worked with DOD and classified agencies for many years now and if you’ve received an unfavorable letter, it will explain the reason for the denial. But this would not be limited to having a significant other born in China alone.

That doesn’t really make sense if there was more to it because DoD granted me SCI and I was given a different position. If it was that serious, why would they allow me a position with SCI on the contract at all? It was the customer in the IC community that denied site access.

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All security clearances are not created equal. IC communities have nothing to do with DOD clearances.


They have full say so as to who gets their SCI. Ive seen one request polygraph for a spouse of a foreign born cook. Yes, we have poly for cook positions, housekeepers, grasscutters, etc