Suitability guidelines for mental health hospitalizations

Is it possible to pass NSA suitability screenings with a past mental health hospitalization due to suicidal ideation/attempt? To clarify, I am aware that I am likely eligible for a TS clearance. I’m specifically concerned that my CJO may be denied after the psych interview due to suitability concerns.

The situation was a 72 hour hold that occurred approx 5 years ago, as a young adult. I completed outpatient therapy and low-dose antidepressants over the course of a few years, before my final therapist agreed sessions could be discontinued. It has been over a year since the need for any treatment or medications, without recurrence of any depressive symptoms.

Has anyone else in this situation successfully passed suitability screening for an intelligence analyst position with a large federal agency? What are mitigating factors for a psych hospitalization? What should I expect from a psych eval? I intend to be completely forthcoming, but want to have an idea of how optimistic I should be.

The passage of time and the recommendation from the therapist (to discontinue meds) are positive mitigating factors in your favor. I think there will be a standard psych eval during the screening which (I think) includes a sort of questionnaire/personality inventory with a follow up review with a mental health professional.

Personally I think you will be OK but they don’t typically ask for my opinion :slight_smile: