Suitability Question - Negative?

I was terminated twice in the last three years. Once was due to making a negative comment about my supervisor because she lied to me (but, we are on good terms). The other was because the position was at-will and it was not a good fit for me. My work was never the problem.

Any input on whether this will cause a negative suitability review for a low risk noncritical position?

Positions aren’t at will. The state determines that. What was the stated reason for the second job?

To clarify, my prior two positions were local county government, not federal. The second position was at-will as a I worked for a judge, so he could do what he wanted. We simply had conflicting personalities. He thought I was not a good fit for his chambers. The notice of dismissal is marked “dismissal - non-merit” that I was given. The court supervisor even said that when people called, they would say “I was not a good fit.”

Your story is a minor blip - as long as that is what happened.

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All employment is considered “At Will” unless covered under a collective bargaining agreement or serving in a federal, state, county, or municipal service system. At will employment means you are employed at the will of the employer. Either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time without cause. No notice is required to be provided.

I wonder if that is what the OP was trying to emphasize, that these positions, although county government, were not covered by civil service protections that would have made it more complicated to simply terminate the employment.

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Job 1 - County prosecution. Unionized. Termination for cause - called my boss a liar to a friend, which got back to her. That was “the cause”

Job 2 - law clerk. At will position. No union, just at will. Judge and I just did not agree on things. And since he is the judge, it was decided to let me go. I was not a good fit for his chambers.

Useful lesson for all of us. Be very careful about what you say, and to whom you say it.

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If you appear to have a developing pattern of intemperate behavior…it can be difficult for any company to “want” you. Speaking to 17 years contractor life…if the Fed hints you are not well regarded or desired…it is usually enough to somehow make you no longer employed. It’s a delicate dance but no company wants an employee where the client isn’t comfortable. So with 2 recent situations it doesn’t mean you are bad. But the pattern is starting to develop. I would concentrate on demonstrating a solid 3 years, no disciplinary write ups commendable evaluations, etc before pursuing clearance. That said…any and all of us can wake up and find ourselves in the “just not a good fit” zone. I myself experienced it. The best you can do is learn what actions caused it, adapt to not repeat, and drive on. I would use the “boss-liar-friend” as a reference. That effectively negates one of those items.