Suitability transfer/upgrade

I was wondering if once a suitability decision is adjudicated does the same criteria work for higher clearances. The way I understand is suitability and national security are two different areas that both must be adjudicated.

I began with applying for a position that required a T3 leo secret and during the background investigation (16 months), my job offer was rescinded for suitability. It was not officially denied as I never received an SOR and was not appealable. I then applied for a position that required a public trust with a different agency and the office did the exact same and rescinded their offer (after 6 months). So twice now my background has not been accepted or denied. I cannot rebuttal or appeal as the jobs are simply canceled.

My question is, if I finally get adjudicated for a job anywhere in the government with a lower level clearance such as a NACI or basic SF85 type of job, will that suitability decision carry over to a secret if there are no national security issues? I am obviously not ineligible, and I also had a dod secret for 10 years. It is my hope that the lack of denial is laziness on paperwork for either waivers or a SOR.

Basically, I am just trying to get in the gov system so I can reapply to the original position requiring the secret.