Suitability Adjudication


What decision can OCHR (Office of Civilian Human Resources) make regarding your suitability to a civil service position? I have already been cleared by the specific government agency security office, and they sent notification to HR to move forward on bringing me onboard. I received email from OCHR asking for additional information regarding an incident I had submitted to my FSO I’m 2013 and was already re adjudicated favorable in 2015 in JPAS. Can OCHR remove my tentative offer bc of this incident even tho I was re adjudicated favorable in JPAS and the government agency security office already deemed me favorable and told hr to move forward in bringing me onboard?


HR is looking at it from a suitability point of view for civil service position for that specific agency. It matters not that you were cleared as a contractor and they will be able to use the last investigation if it meets level and scope, but they are still required to conduct their own suitability review.


I guess my last question is will HR deny me the position bc if that incident even though that agency security and OPM cleared me of that incident? Do I need to be worrried?


Normally it would not be an issue, your HR rep or security would be the ones to talk to.


Thanks. I talked to two security specialists - one at the new agency I’m applying for and my current one - and both told me JPAS adjudication is the ultimate source HR would use if questions came up about my incident. Therefore wouldn’t be an issue since I had already been readjudicated favorable for my particular incident.


I’m kind of on the same boat…I had an incident in 2013 and I’ve held a high risk position requiring me to be armed. Now I’ve let time go by and still employed with the feds (different agency) but just did a sf85 for that position. Now I was offered position with another Fed agency requiring a secret high risk. I know I will get a final clearance but I am still thinking about the suitibilty side of it. Just recently I submitted my sf86 and explained everything in detail to include professional letters and what had happened that day. I’m hoping I get it, it’s been 3 days and haven’t heard anything.


If that 2013 incident had been self reported and you were re adjudicated favorable in JPAS and held clearance since, shouldn’t be an issue in suitability adjudication, based on what security told me. Also don’t worry about the wait time, wait time has no indication as to the suitability adjudication outcome. This is what HR told me.