Supervision asks about my SF86

Hello. A little update on my long ordeal but my supervisor has been in contact with the unit’ FSO, stated that opm may have an answer soon on my clearance. My supervision asks if my SF86 had any mention on my delequent debt, I think I remember all my debt I had at the to time but why would they ask that. From here I think they (DOHA)won’t ask for more info (or I am wrong?) Is my supervision digging for more info. Because I’m starting to worry about my future with my unit.

OPM or DOHA/DoDCAF? I wonder how the supervisor knows about the details of your case…


How my supervision is involved with all of this is by having constant communication with the units FSO via face to face or email or call my supervisor told me today what was going on, since I’m in the military as some will know not to ask any questions about what they know on stuff (let them handle it-the supervision)

The fso has contacted DOD CAF and stated “answer should be soon” and replyed back to my supervisor.

Supervision has asked unit fso if they can research if I added something on my original SF86 about my outstanding debt. I know I may have added that items and also the subject interview.

@Marko I have a question for you. Everytime I get a comment back from this forum. I suspect that they think I’m some sort of uneducated person asking info for security clearance information. Is this normal? Because I feel that I’m targeted for not appropriate asking the question or my grammar. I guess all of you know more than me and have training on OPSEC and I have the basics of OPSEC in the military. But please enlighten me.

To use the “shotgun” analogy, you appear to be scattershooting all over the place with your comments and questions. Your use of incorrect terminology and discrepancies from previous posts you have made appear suspicious. For example: if you are in the military then you do not have an FSO, you have a unit security officer; if your case is at DOHA then you have already been given all the information you need and either have already submitted or are going to submit an appeal. You are not going to get any further help or answers from this forum then you already have, so to keep asking the same questions is fruitless. You military unit security officer or a clearance lawyer should be your go-to source for information, not this forum.


Hey thanks for that information. I figured that FSO and unit security manager where interchangeable. But it’s all about nomenclature. Anyway thanks for that you Sir have been helpful. So back to my question will DOD CAF let my unit security manager know the outcome of my situation or will the manager keep requesting information.

I’m one of the people that is suspicious of you . . . You were just told that you have a “Unit Security Officer” and then, in your next post, refer to a “unit security manager”.

What active duty military personnel would refer to an officer as a “manager”?


I’m going to go on a limb here and say you’re probably not going to get your security clearance.