Clearance adjudication question

Does anyone know of any instances of receiving a security clearance with a brief history of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships? I understand this is a legal gray area.

Umm… errr… uh… that is to say… well, I never really thought about this… indeed.

Have you done anything illegal? Is it something you want to hide from family and friends? Can the information be used to influence you in any way? If the answer to all is no then it would not prevent you from getting a clearance.

Good afternoon, while this q doesn’t apply to me and I’m new to this blog, the question I have is, I completed my sf86- April 08, received a secret clearance from the Army (I’m a civilian). I was offered new job w TSA, on my SF86 I disclosed I had a private student loan that was in collections. I’ve been paying a monthly payment and just recently (last month) was able to settle the loan by putting a down payment. Once again, I disclosed all this on my sf86, I got a letter yesterday from the Personnel Security specialist, looked like a typical form letter. But they said didn’t disclose, I have a copy of my submitted sf86, copies of all my payment info, the agreement from the settlement, bank statement showing my payment to settle and just today, I was able to completely pay this debt off. I have until May 11 to respond, and I want to make sure I do everything correctly. Do you have any advice. Should I write a letter? with all the documentation? It has to go to a adjudications team. Thanks so much for any advice you can give.

Did the letter have any instructions on how to respond? I would think you can submit information at this point.

Yes, it did. And I have all the documents. I just don’t understand what they were looking at, because I did disclose the information. I am going to respond w/the all my payment information, the agreement when I settled last month and the final receipt stating the amount settled on has been paid in full.

This sort of thing does happen from time to time. I think if you provide all the documentation showing that you did previously disclose this debt, plus the payoff info, you should be fine.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your response. Have a great weekend