T-5 Favorably Adjudicated, but May Not Take Job

I’ve been a contingent hire at company A, a DoD contractor, pending a successful T-5 investigation. I recently received word that my investigation was favorably adjudicated and my TS clearance is all set. While I was a contingent at company A, I applied and took a job at company B.

I notified company A of this when I took the job and they sad that’s fine, you can work there and we’ll keep you on the bench until your TS comes in.

The original agreement I signed with company A was non-binding, and since my clearance has come in, I’m having second thoughts about fully committing to the job at company A because I really like working for company B.

If I decide to not take the job with company A, would my investigation still be current for the usual 2 years such that I could possibly take a job with another DoD contractor? Or would I have to go through the whole process again?

You eligibility should remain for two years from the date it was adjudicated.

The key word here is “should.” In any case don’t be alarmed if they have you fill out a new SF-86 or possibly an SF-86C, which is a shorter form that asks if anything has changed since your last investigation.

Does this fall true for Polygraph as well? If a DOD agency conducts a FSP will that remain whether or not the position is accepted?

Either way, you should sleep soundly knowing that you were successfully adjudicated and even if you have to fill out a SF-86C, you are in control of that history which is just a delta.

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