Investigation Completed - Changed Employers Before Adjudication

Last year I underwent a background investigation as part of a contract position (Tier 5 - TS/SCI) with DOD. My investigation completed in October, but my contract ended abruptly thereafter and my clearance was never fully adjudicated as far as I understand.

I’ve taken another job back in the private sector since, but am now being considered for other opportunities back in the cleared world. Since I have a recent background investigation (although never adjudicated), can another agency/employer use my recent BI to adjudicate me for a similar TS/SCI position?

Yes, if it is a DoD job they would simply review and adjudicate the completed T5, if another agency they can request a copy of the T5 from NBIB, review and adjudicate. Keep in mind this needs to occur within 24 months of your termination form the position for which the T5 was conducted for.


The new employer can pick up your unadjudicated T5 and resume from there. Your new FSO will need to submit an RRU in JPAS and maybe will have to call JPAS. You should not have to fill out another SF86.