T2 Interview Approach

I have held Public Trusts before, including one I obtained in 2019 for a job that ended a couple of months before this one started, in October. I started work in October, and received my PIV card and my GFE, though I don’t yet have access to what I need to actually be productive. I received a call today from a special agent who told me I needed a T2 interview, and we scheduled one. He said that it was triggered by some verbiage I used on a job I was fired from a couple of years ago. Looking up my submission, what I gave for my reason for leaving was, “Differentials in perception of attainable goals”, which to me sounds neutral, not blaming my employer.

Could you give me some tips for what to say and what to avoid in the interview?

Just stick to the facts. But be aware that there have been more than one or two reports on these forums about people thinking they left a company on good terms only to find out that the investigator got quite a different story from the former employer.

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My tip is always be upfront and honest. If the investigator brings up something you did not know, just say you did not know - don’t argue with the investigator. If you did know, explain your side and why you didn’t report it in the first place.