Taxes & security clearance

Hey all!

I recently accepted a position that requires me to obtain a secret security clearance. Along with student loan debt ( which I am current on) I have some tax debt , however I am opted into a payment plan in which I am up to date on. Will this prevent me from obtaining my clearance??

No . . . It will not prevent you from obtaining a clearance. They will, however, what to look at the reason for your tax debt.

Thanks for your quick response. I do have another question …if I have bad credit but I am working with a credit repair team , will that increase my chances of having my clearance granted?

Of course it will increase your chance but they will want to know the circumstances that got you into trouble in the first place and not all credit repair methods are equal. They will, most likely, want you to be addressing each creditor, not paying the small ones and leaving the larger for later.