Taxes--working two jobs, forgot to include one of the W2s

Here’s what happened. it’s dumb but true.

Situation: I was working on DoD job and took another. Was going to transition but instead wound up working both jobs for two years.

Tax forms: I put all my tax forms for work, student loans, 401Ks, etc. in a folder. Anything that arrived in the mail, I put there. In January of one year I scanned all documents and sent them to my CPA for tax filing. I should’ve double-checked, what I didn’t realize was that one of the jobs decided to stop sending by mail and made it available online. I didn’t catch the notification, nor did my CPA.

A few months later the IRS says I owe a few thousand. No problem, I send the money without thinking. Then the next year they send me another form, only then do I realize my mistake.

I paid the money in full, no problem there. But after getting a refresher on clearance reinvestigations I realize I should’ve said something to my FSO, or someone. Normally I’m a person who keeps his head down, does the job and generally stays within the lines.

This is not an issue of criminality, I assume the government knows everything and I like to follow the rules so that I can live my life without hassle. Now I’m wondering how this will go. I made an error–I double-check to confirm I have ALL forms for taxes now–and i don’t want this biting me in the butt.

so you didn’t fail to pay.

When in doubt, if you’re currently cleared and working in the system, report it to the FSO with full details and don’t hold anything back. Let them work with the ‘customer’ and they’ll help you through whatever process needs to happen.

They will appreciate the honesty of YOU coming forward first before THEY find out and have to come asking you. Debt is normally one of the biggest things that the Gov’t looks for and while it might seem like a killer normally if you can show it’s something genuinely forgotten, or screwed up but you’ve tried to sort it out and are handling it…normally you’re good at that point.

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It happens. Pay closer attention at filing time. I’d ammend filing year, explain it was oversight. Bottom line, we are human. I’m sure they withheld taxes so it isn’t likely you tried getting over. Once you see error, rectify.