Tier III qualifications

My situation:
5 years ago tried for TS w/ poly. Denied because witheld MJ use that was 1 year prior and was a heavy drinker. Have not used MJ in 6 years and barely drink, mostly socially since. 2 months ago, got Public Trust low risk w/ current employer. Right now in interview process w/ prospective employer that requires Tier III DOD. Question is has it been long enough to mitigate? Will my interim likely be denied? What’s the likelihood I’d even get cleared for Tier III? Thanks for your advice/guidance. I know I shouldn’t have put myself in this situation.

If there are no other issues than what you describe here, I’d say you should have no problem getting the final clearance. Drug use over six years old, no longer drinking heavily. As for an interim, that seems to be all over the map… seen a couple reports on this web site recently of people getting interims pretty quickly… just like in the good old days.


Concur Squirrel. Even if you were older than 24 a 6 year gap would seem to mitigate it. Of course you need speak to it on the form and interview