Time require for reinstating Public Trust Clearance

Hello All,
I am on a work visa (H1B). I first got my Public Trust Clearance in May 2013 when I first started working for my employer whose client was Federal Aviation (FAA). I got laid off in Aug 2017. What would have happened to my PTC?

I recently got a job offered by a Federal Service provider who has an ongoing contract with GSA. I would need a PTC to begin work. How long would it approximately take me to get the clearance?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

I don’t specifically know about Public Trust (which is NOT a clearance) but your new employer should, I believe, just be able to use the prior trust.

Thank you for your response, it greatly helps.

What FAA contractor job has a critical need that a H1B holder is required??

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As much as I have enough info to respond to your question in a comprehensive way, I would rather stick to the question that I have posted here. To give an overview, it’s technology analysis and strategic planning related to civil aviation and I have 5+ years experience working as an analyst for FAA in the past along with MS, MBA, BS degrees (MS & BS in Engineering) along with many highly recognized professional certifications.

I would appreciate if you could help with an appropriate response and if not then probably post this as a separate question to get your favorable responses and spare everyone from the hassles of digressing from the topic of discussion here. Thank you!

The question asked IS relevant since critical need is one of the requirements for both H1Bs AND, I believe, granting Public Trust to foreign nationals. You don’t have to answer the question but the answers that you get may not be as accurate.

I agree Ed and that’s why I added a couple of line related to my prior experience working with FAA as for 5+ years. Having strong hands-on knowledge with various FAA systems including those for Air Traffic Control, Aviation charts etc. are the pointers that should work in my PTC reinstatement. I also mentioned the strong academic qualifications that should work in my favor. Additionally, I don’t have any criminal offense (or even a traffic violation) against my name. Please let me know what you think?