Timeline from Awaiting Placement to Start Date

Hey everyone. I was wondering if someone could shed light on awaiting placement status. How long after awaiting placement will the applicant get a start date? I saw average timeline for clearance completions but I haven’t seen any formalized timeline for AP to start. I was curious how soon I would start and the average times. Any personal experiences is greatly appreciated. thanks all

Not familiar with the concept of “Awaiting Placement.” Can you add a little more detail? Is this for a contractor position?

This an NGA Position?

If I am not mistaken, I believe that it will depend the available billet (position) and the hiring or selecting official. It could be anytime between days and years. That is my interpretation of what that means.

This sounds more like a Government position, but I could be wrong. Here is my interpretation of what the poster could potentially mean.

Some agencies would conduct something like hiring events. Successful applicant would be tentatively extended the offers. Upon acceptance, the applicant would go through background investigation. At conclusion of the investigation and favorable adjudication, applicants would be placed something called “cleared pool” or “awaiting placement” list until there is an available billet and a selecting/hiring official wants the applicant.

The purpose of that is to streamline hiring process and filling “hard to hire” positions quickly for the agency.

Again, I could be wrong.

That’s what I was thinking as well, but I don’t recall hearing the term ‘awaiting placement.’

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