Top security clearance and Prostitution?

During the pandemic I went to a massage parlor for prostitution twice in the recent year but stopped. I don’t know how much if an issue it is if I only ever went twice in my entire life during a time everyone has been isolated for a quite a while. I have never engaged in prostitution before nor do I found myself doing so in the future. My college school doctor knows as well as only 1 close friend but thats it. This happened within california. How much of an issue is this when it comes to blackmail? and will this negate me from having a security clearance especially for the poly graph test.

Whether or not it will disqualify you I am not sure, I am an investigator and not an adjudicator. I will say that it needs to be disclosed to your investigator though as this falls under the 13 adjudicative guidelines. Your investigator will need to ask several questions concerning the conduct so be ready to answer some uncomfortable questions.