TS elligibility

need to get a TS,cultivated marijuana in 2009, mainly to facilitate my son with ptsd,afgan vet,so he wouldn’t buy on the street,and traded to my best friend,now dead,got a dwi in 1989,also did recreational drugs in the 70’s 80’s,did marijuana at my sons wedding 2014,in California,he has a marijuana med card,absolutely will never do again,have drink about once a month,was Vietnam Vet., LOVE MY COUNTRY…what are my odds of getting a TS?..

A lot of issues there, many of which are in the past. Last use in 2014 might be cutting it close but who knows when they will get around to adjudicating… the more time passes since last use, the better it is for you (assuming no further use of course :grin:).

People with similar backgrounds have been cleared. You’ll just have to apply and find out.

Do you currently have a clearance of any kind? If so, did you disclose all these facts on your last eQIP/SF-86/whatever?

That sounds pretty bad relative to cases I’ve seen. And a pattern. And fairly recent. I can’t imagine being granted a TS clearance. But I was an investigator, never in adjudications, and can’t give you an accurate guess.

thanks for reply, looking back was a pretty stupid mistake, need to get a cleared American guard with at least secret,my dream job OCONUS,korea requires TS,haven’t done 86,trying to decide whether to even mention the cultivation,if I do would that kill a secret?,the only conviction is the 1989 DWI,counseling/fine, of course if I don’t mention the cultivation and it comes up in a poly i’m sol…

thanks for your reply,we all pay for our mistakes,but some replys have been more optimistic than yours,might have to be satisfied with a secret and wait on the TS,THANKYOU…

The main thing I have notice why or why not clearances get approved is how honest you are on the SF86. More information you can put down on your more information tap the better. If you mind me asking how long have you been waiting for your TS?