TS or Interim Secret with drug use?

I am a recent grad (21 years old) with a few potential job options that would require clearance. One a TS clearance and the other Secret (work contingent on receiving interim). Both with federal agencies (not IC). I don’t think I have any real issues in my background except for marijuana use 3 times 15 months ago. (Would likely be 16-18 months when I fill out sf/86). It was all within about two weeks with old friends (I was at home from college during Covid).

I intend to mitigate through no/less contact with those people, youth, different stage in life, etc. However, I’m afraid time since use is simply too soon.

I am interested in your thoughts. Would it perhaps be more prudent to go for one position over the other considering this issue?

It really depends but most IC Agencies want at least 24 months since last use.

I’m not sure it would make a difference between the two levels of clearance. Regarding what @velcroTech said about 24 months, yeah, I used to think that was the case, but it seems like they are more flexible now, especially when everything else is clean.

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I will add these are not for positions within the IC, rather for other federal agencies. Would that make the time since use more favorable?