TS/SCI question

Hi to all,

I applied for a job that requires TS. My question is, the security officer told me that I have SCI on JPAS and she has to check another database what type of clearance I hold. I applied for a TS/SCI while I was in the military and I’m already out but still under IRR. Now, I wanted to know with that being said, does that mean I have a TS with SCI? Thank you!

If you have been out for more than 2 years then no you do not still have a clearance, you do not maintain your clearance on IRR.

Muldoon is correct in that the IRR does not maintain your clearance. However…DoD is notorious for not always reading a person out. If the system does not reflect a termination of clearance and if the BI is in scope, you may very well find an agency to cross you over. If it is has been more than 2 years the pathway is much more narrow. I have seen it done…but those are a bit of an exception.