Tucson, AZ Investigators

I’m eligible to retire from the Border Patrol in December this year and planning to start 1099 BI work in retirement. Have DoD credentials through ADC, but have not worked any contracts.

I would like to speak to actual investigators in the Tucson who work DCSA and DHS contracts to get the real “deal” about work in the area.

Also, which company has DoD contracts? Because ADC has not given me anything.


Just wanted to say congrats on your upcoming retirement! Not a bad time to be getting out of the CBP business.

As a former PA I’m wondering how you managed to get retirement?

I’m currently awaiting the completion of my BI. I applied for 1099 job with ADC, based on an old friend in ELC, retired Sgt w/sheriff. He has been working for ADC for several years and he says they are far better than any other he’s worked for. He has been with 3-4 others over the past 10 years.

Good luck mi amigo.

I was 32 years old when I EOD’d with Class 558 on July 21,2003.

I am also with ADC, but only have DOD credentials since I’m still DHS. I’m not mandatory for another 4 1/2 but need to make sure the BI world is going to check the boxes before I pull the cord.

I have a close friend who is also retired BP and killing it with ADC, but he is also traveling a lot. Not that I’m opposed to some trips here and there, I just want to have to travel to make my nut.

I might have been your FLETC instructor for interviewing. I should have kept the schedule sheets!

I was in 127th so I’m a mature dude.

Class 558 Charleston, SC.

I use to go up to Charleston Academy for one week each month for years teaching interviewing. The building was a nightmare with really bad wiring and no windows.