Questions about working as a IC for ADC LTD NM

I’m curious to hear about anyone’s experience in working for this company as an IC. I’m toying with the idea of giving the 1099 contractor position another try, and I gave my resume to someone who works for the company at the ACBI conference last week. The rate of pay seemed very appealing to me, for it was more than what GDIT was paying me.

I was there and I work for ADC…Look me up and send me an email…

Wow, he just asked for info about peoples experience working for the company, he already submitted a resume to someone there so how would that affect any other investigator? Talk about being inconsiderate. SMH


I’m trying to, but I don’t see an option where I can message you directly. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

That colorful username says it all.


I’m guessing my question wasn’t well received, but I won’t let that affect me (didn’t see the original reply before it was taken down.) I was taught during my first year in the Navy that the only dumb question that is asked is the one you didn’t ask in the first place, so I’d much rather ask and get an answer than not ask at all and not get any further than I have since the layoff. ::woman_shrugging:

I’m going to return their call and ask as many questions as I can before I make a final decision as to whether to take the risk as an IC again. I was at orientation for a security officer job yesterday for a on-call flex position that I accepted about a month ago, which shouldn’t conflict with an IC position, I’m guessing.


Have been with ADC since 2003. As a group, my experience is that they are professional and at the same time easier to get along with. If you are interested in doing BIs as an IC, ADC wouldn’t be a bad place to start out. I’ve been with pretty much all the larger contracting companies, USIS, MSM, Omni, etc. Left them all, still with ADC. Just one person’s opinion. Good Luck in whatever you do!

My friend signed up with ADC. Has excellent rep. But online training took over 50 hours! No pay! And she’s a quick learner. I’d pass

I was offered a spot with them as a contractor. Seemed great but then all of them do until …

But…Couldn’t take it due to FT with SCIS.

Can someone explain why that is? As a straight 1099 contractor I can work for anyone? But if I want a part time gig I can’t do this?

Non-compete agreement, probably.