NTS Certificate training delay?

I was very recently granted my TS, but the company I applied for “ADC” says I need the NTS training, before I can begin assignments. They encouraged me to reach out to other companies and see if I could get a quicker appointment for doing the training. I haven’t applied for any other companies. I will if it isn’t to lengthy a process?

Any ideas?

Most trainings have halted until after the new year.

This strikes me as odd…ACD is hiring you as an employee, or a 1099? They want you to go get the required training elsewhere and then work for them? Won’t the company who spends the time and money training you want you to work for them?

Not surprised to hear this from ADC if true. ADC is bottom of the barrel when it comes to professional wages. They scope their hours and don’t pay for all investigative hours and in fact will remove hours worked and not pay Investigators for their actual investigative time. On occasion, ADC is not honest when it comes to paying their Investigators for actual time worked.

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  1. I guess the thinking of ADC is that a lot of part time investigators will contract with more than a single company anyway, so get people certified first to get more people working?

I am in the same boat as the OP (Papa) and was told the same thing. I have had my TS since June and it’s now November and I still habven’t recieved the NTS/NIT training that is required to get my credentials.

Who would be a better company to work for than ADC that will pick up a newby with a TS?

I’d like to apply for a job delivering the NTS training. Anyone know who provides the course?

I don’t know of any other companies I could point you to? I only applied for ADV because I have an old friend who works for them and he recommended me.

Living in SOCAL I would think there are a bunch of opportunities available. I’d recommend you comb through this blog for leads on alternative outfits.

Good luck amigo.

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I believe that the 2 Primes, CACI and Peraton are hiring entry level BIs, but it may be in only certain areas of the country. Best bet would be to reach out them both and see what they have to offer. NTS is a lengthy process, 4 weeks (maybe 6??) of full time training, sitting at a computer and then having homework. To my knowledge most companies will want you to sign some sort of “I won’t leave before one year or have to pay $XX” since they are investing in you.

Your experience may differ.

Most companies seem to want full time employees, not contractors. I applied to one that was looking for contractors but wanted experienced an credentialed. Neither of which I have. I did explain to them my situation via email, but whether or not they choose to continue with me is yet to be known.

I have been determined to require Option 2 of the NTS training. That is 24 hours of training. Not sure if that’s good or bad really.

Depends on the delivery process. If it’s a PowerPoint setup and I can go at my own pace I can usually knock it out quicker.

I did the entire ADC basic program in about the equivalent of 7 full days. I’m sure it’s rated at many mid training days than what it took.

I have nothing better to do, so I’ll hit it hard. Problem is getting it delivered.

I’d love to be the instructor for the NTS program.

I did the basic training program and completed it in about the equivalent of 7 full days.

Companies don’t want to spend time $$ training contractors because they cannot bind the contractor to the company, whereas with an employee, they can have the individual sign an agreement that they (the employee) will pay back XX dollars if they leave within one year.

One of the things we did “back in the day” (not me personally but folks I know) was to sign up to be an employee, get your training, spend a year honing your skills, and then go 1099. This is not feasible for everyone, but it gets you in the door, allows you to make your mistakes (and yes, you will make mistakes) while under supervision.

I believe some folks outside the industry (and this is no slight to you Davedog) believe that anyone with some LE or investigative experience can step in and conduct a background investigation. It’s not like that and the training exists for a very good reason.

Good luck to you!

No slight taken. I realize that the position of BI is different than what I did in my 27 year career. I am looking forward to the training because honestly, I have no idea where to start. No ego here.

I agree with you about full time vs contract due to training costs. It makes sense.

I am currently talking with a company for an entry level CBI with paid training. On their job description, they state that you are required to work for them for one year after your paid training is complete.

Not sure how they would enforce that.

It doesn’t matter though, as I am willing to honor that agreement ESPECIALLY if they are going to pay me during the training portion. Everything I have had to do thus far has been for free and as if those G training modules aren’t boring enough…

We’ll see how this goes.

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It IS nearly impossible to enforce the “payback” rule and I have not heard of anyone actually having to make a monetary donation (ha!) after leaving, although some have been threatened.

And the training is ongoing, there are annual “death by powerpoint” presentations, (14 of them at my last count) monthly reviews in some companies, and the list goes on and on.

Having said that, I started in 2005, practically ancient times, when we got shipped away for two weeks of in person training. Only thing worse than power point learning is having to role play in front of thirty of your fellow trainees! (GASP!)

Wishing you the best of luck, and welcome to the club!

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Wondering if u ever received the NTS training? I’m still waiting since October.