Changing Contractors after Adjudication?

I received adjudication this past April, have done everything the contractor has asked me to do, including getting my photo for credentialing, etc. The problem is that I do not have a start/training date. They said the next training is October/November, but could not tell me whether I will be in that training due to limited capacity and depending on location. That is all I know.

In the meantime, other people I know in my area who have been recently adjudicated – but are working for a different contractor – have already been trained and have started working.

Here is my question: Since I have already been adjudicated with a TS clearance, can a different BI contractor pick me up without having to go through the entire clearance process again? In other words, if I applied at a different contractor, could they just take me right away and begin my training without me having to do the whole clearance process over? What, if any, are the ramifications from my current contractor? I just want to work.

What kind of training are you required to do?

For a background investigator - NIT class

The clearance applies to you and is currently Active. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be portable.

Hi, I am in the EXACT same position as you. I accepted my offer in December, graduated in May, and am still waiting for my start date, judging by what you’ve said in here, we were hired by the same company. I was told by my recruiter I would be starting shortly after I graduated and now I have student loans and things coming in and still haven’t got started. So I am also looking at moving to a different contractor, I’ve been told this is possible


I am in the same boat. Can you share how did it work for you at the end?



When I first wrote this, I was already favorably adjudicated by the company who hired me and was waiting for training, but the company never provided a training date and were stalling. The company finally called and said there wasn’t enough work and they were cancelling training and everyone who was waiting for training no longer had a job offer. (Also remember, companies want to ensure they have a full class before doing training because it costs a lot to fly people, hotels, etc. Maybe your company is waiting for a full class?) So, I never even started that job because they cancelled training and rescinded everyone’s offer. I applied at another company and was picked up seamlessly and I received a signing bonus because I came already favorably adjudicated (sponsored/paid by the first company, which obviously saves the second company money). I attended the new company’s training and started the job. But I noticed the number of assigned cases was not consistent. Some weeks I hardly had any and other weeks I was slammed. Never consistent, but I stayed with it and handled all my cases. However, not too long into the job, the company had a big layoff and I was one of them. After the layoff, I applied somewhere else and was quickly picked up and went through their training. I love my new company, been there a while now, and am very happy. This company seems stable and I consistently have a full plate of cases to work. So, yes, your clearance follows you and you can be picked up by another company pretty easily. Trust me, they love when you come adjudicated. Thanks for asking how things turned out for me! Good luck!

Thanks a bunch Nats33. My agency told my secret security clearance is done. But they are still not sure that I have enough work.

  1. the position is remote initially and they changed it due to their circumstances.
  2. I requested them to use the Active Secret Security clearance status on my resume and they do not have any issues. I am still in very good terms with them

So I created my account on and I mentioned the following on my application:


Candidates who have received final security clearance but have not yet started the job that requires the clearance are eligible to register on ClearanceJobs. Please include this in the Clearance Notes section of your ClearanceJobs profile.

Hope this works for me. Thanks