National Training Standard

I was told I needed Tier 2 of the NTS training. What are the “tiers” all about? How long does it take to do tier 2 training, which I understand is done via Zoom?

I was told the same from ADC. Unfortunately, although my TS clearance was approved in JUNE, I am still waiting for my 24 hours of Zoom training (level 2). Supposedly there is a backlog and I’m on the list. They are supposedly going through the busiest parts of the country first, but since I’m in SoCal, I doubt that’s the truth.

Fortunately I am already retired and collecting a pension, so the job isn’t crucial. I never knew how lengthy a process it was to get started with doing backgrounds. All the people I knew doing it, began soon after retirement, so their clearance was still valid, and prior to the NTS requirement.
I’d like to get a gig teaching the Zoom classes for NTS. Sounds simpler than backgrounds.

I am retired as well. I was “hired” by ADC in February. in June I received my TS and since then have been on the list for the NTS/NIT training.

In the meantime, I have been certified as an FSO for another remote job that hasn’t gone anywhere yet either.

I have a ton of hours in training and certifications and have been paid NOTHING from not one, but two jobs. I missed the window to do BIs for Secret Service by one day. I thought that might have been cool for a couple of years. maybe next time.