How long for TS to finish?

I submitted my 86 at the end of July, and still haven’t received a call to schedule my interview?

My neighbor was telephonically interviewed a couple of weeks ago. None of my other supplied references have been contacted.

My background is super clean, and no foreign travel, except a cruise, a few years ago.

Most of my cases right now are from May.

Most of my cases right now are from March/April. Oddly enough, I have five interviews that were just assigned to me on Monday where I already did all of the other parts (neighbors, references, etc) a few weeks ago.

Well thanks for the update, I appreciate it.

Just received my TS. It took approx 3 months. Now I have to get my NTS cert. They are backed up for openings.

It took me from the end of July until October 24th to get by TS. My past ten years are as clean as one can get, because I’m already retired, and haven’t traveled out of country.

Now I have to wait for an opportunity to do my NTS training Tier 2. I’m told they are currently backed up. ADC advised me to reach out to other companies doing contract backgrounds and see if I could get it quicker?

This gives me hope. My SF-86 was submitted at the beginning of August and my interview was completed on at the end of September. Hopefully, mine is granted this month as well. Still need to get submitted for my SCI :unamused: