ADC IC good position?

I’m new, no training or credentials yet, and looking for part-time independent contractor work. I have experience of LE and doing State LE backgrounds. I came across ADC and seemed to fit my needs for gaining training and experience. I’m ok with doing the training on my own dime, looks to be around 50 hours, but wondering about enough workload (i’m in San Diego area), support, transferable skills, etc. long term. What’s ADC like? Thanks!

I found ADC to be very disorganized. I completed all of their training and came with a federal top secret clearance. Over the period of several months, I received only one offer of work. That work was several hours away from my residence. After a year, I continue to receive more and more demands to complete training and administrative duties without receiving a dime of pay. I finally walked away from them after just over a year.

I don’t know about ADC but I worked as an IC for 1Force and they were a great company.