Two years at but still feel like a novice

Been working as an independent BI for about 2 years and have had about 3 cases returned for missing info during that time. One case was done a year ago so my notes and info have been shredded long ago. The others I still had my notes so it was an easy fix.

I’m just feeling frustrated about accidentally leaving out info and that no one noticed until several months later to a year later. To be fair the case was a beast and since then I’m more careful about not missing info.

Anyone else go through this?

Do you ever wonder about the case managers working these cases?

Only three times in two years is an absurd stat. You are doing just fine.


only about 3 cases in two years?? I would say that is amazing and unusual. I am a full-timer with a heavy workload and get about 3 cases returned to me every month, mostly on cases that are a beast, and I have things “dialed in” after several years on the job so the cases that are returned are for unusual and minor stuff. It is very hard to catch everything the first time, and I would say that about 3 cases in two years is unheard of. Do you have a very light caseload of work?


This is weird. One year later is a long time. Did it come from the customer or an internal reviewer? Don’t ever feel bad about “accidentally leaving out” info. Sometimes it’s our job to just say good enough and stop things.

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I’ve made lots of minor mistakes but those were easy fixes most of the time. I’m talking about cases that have been approved by the case manager, closed on my end and I’ve invoiced and gotten paid for them.
What I hate about this is I will have to go back to the subject after a year to ask more questions.

Yeah I have a pretty light caseload. Maybe about 100 cases (about half or more of those with multiple leads) over 2 years.

no… they are not the same. internal review looks at the cases before they are released to the adjudicators.

It came from adjudication I think.