Unemployment and no credit score --> Public Trust flags?

I am in the queue for a moderate public trust/waiver currently.

I used to have a credit score of 715, but in recent years my only debt or financial obligation is my apartment rent, and thus when i checked my credit, I currently dont have a score. So have never had any financial problems or been late on bills etc. Does my not having a cred score matter? Im not applying for a loan here…

credit scores are not looked part of your background investigation, though agencies and companies used them as a gauge for a Subject’s finances.

Just be prepared to explain how you were able to support yourself to your investigator and you should do fine.

your credit score is not part of your investigation, only items on your credit report and only delinquent unpaid debts, a MRPT is nothing. It takes a lot of negative items to not clear. In my 25 years experience in this field I have yet to know anyone who failed it. Of course some do but its because they own tons of money especially tax debts and do nothing about it. having no debt is the best situation to be in.