Unfavorable Fitness determination

I received an UFD from FPS/DHS for dishonest conduct for failure to disclose debt and an arrest. Which is in no way shape form or fashion not true at all. I disclose everything on my SF85P including the arrest (felony charge, but dismissed) included the court documents to show record was dismissed and disclosed in a thorough letter regarding my debt. Also they included another criminal charge or whatever that is not mine for Larceny. I know for a 100% fact that is wrong; the only charge I’ve ever had was a Theft charge which was dismissed. What does this mean for my security clearance as a Fed contractor?

This would actually mean that it’s true . . . I don’t think that this is what you mean to say.

You have in writing that you were turned down for “failure to disclose”? Or, is that what you are assuming based on the denial?

I would file a FOIA request to get a copy of your BI and see what is actually there.


Concur Ed. I add: if you have documents showing you disclosed, you have a case to rebut the claim you did not disclose.

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Yes I have the documents in my application that shows I disliked everything that was asked. And on top of that there’s some other Larceny charge that I know for a 100% is complete wrong. I disclosed everything and even gave them the proper court papers that said my case was dismissed as well as explaining the debt.

No the letter states “Dishonest conduct as evidence by your failure to disclose the delinquent debt cited above…”

I disclosed it with the investigator when they emailed me regarding the question on the SF85P

My spidey sense is tingling.

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That’s my line…FED, lol! Qua, if it is as you say it was…that you fully disclosed, and have the paperwork proving it…this is a slam dunk, easy rebuttal. But it sounds as if they are quite confident they got it right. Are you sure you are discussing the same debt, same court action, and did they bring it up or did you bring it up?

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