Update on 2019 Security Clearance Appeals

The Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) released their first batch of decisions for security clearance and public trust position denial appeals for 2019.
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Wow, interesting, and I’m really wondering did he think that his clearance was going to be granted after all of that?

Where is the batch of decisions for public trust denial appeals? This information is never easy to research.


So these are all the people that got denied a clearance in 2018? Why so few?

Because it is extremely difficult to deny someones clearance unless there is substantial evidence against the applicant. If you read these cases, the few that lost the clearance is because they did absolutely NOTHING to mitigate the issues. It takes an act of congress to fire federal employees unless they commit serious violations.

These are just contractors. They don’t include federal civilians, military personnel, IC agencies, and all other agencies not in the DoD.

The only other agency that is transparent with their clearance appeals is the Department of Energy: https://www.energy.gov/oha/listings/security-cases

Thanks, this information is telling, there are 3x as many contractors as are federal employees so there is a larger net to cast. It may also show that the federal employees are doing a much better job at adhering to standards for clearances. Maybe its time to stop punishing the federal employee with attacks from congress and start removing contractors. Just my opinion.