Upgrading to TS, SF-86 rules/clarification needed

It has come time for an upgrade as my employer and customer want to move me onto programs that require it. My questions are about what I should do in the interest of full disclosure - I am NOT trying to hide anything - in fact quite the contrary.

Situation: Everything on my full adjudicated S is still on the form. Obviously time has passed. Many things from a particular period of time (2013) are off of the 7 year schedules. The question is - for a collection account - does when it went IN to collection count as the date for 7 years, or the date it was finally settled at a $0 balance (inside of 7 years). As I mentioned, this was already an adjudicated item previously. I don’t want to risk non-disclosure by deleting it.

There are a couple of things like this from the period (IRS payment schedule, etc) that all apply the same way.

Many thanks in advance - I appreciate the insight.

Fromt the date settled. List it, no surprises are the best way to go.

The most important factors ae the debt was settled, paid and no repeated behavior.