Upload additional attachments on eqip?

final question, as I’ve reached the digital signature portion for eqip sf85p.

I see the digitally signed default documents attached, but it is asking if i wish to upload any other documents. Should I upload things like my DD214 or proof of paying off (2) debt collection accounts, or just leave it be? I of course added the details from those documents on the appropriate section of the questionnaire, but it never informed me to upload them during those points… but not sure if i should attach them for upload or if thats not needed (at this point)?

I would not upload anything you were not specifically asked to upload. We will not ask you for your DD214. You will speak to an investigator if financial documents are needed.


Thanks again! That’s what I assuming as well, just wanted to inquire first

That depends. Did you receive additional attached documents in your e-QIP initiation e-mail? And did that e-mail specifically to state to upload any attached documents to your e-QIP application?