USIS Class Action


Here’s the contact info for the USIS class action suit

Khristine de Leon
Outten & Golden LLP
Advocates for Workplace Fairness
3 Park Avenue, 29th Floor
New York, NY, 10016
Tel: (212) 245-1000


Yes, but usis-altegrity a bankrupt entity with 5 months money left and no financial support from providence equity partners. I just dont see a single nickel being paid out to 2100 employees who were terminated due to USIS’ fraud. If you are seeking free money, go to your local casino and play the slots. Your chances of getting free money much, much better @ indian casino.


Hurry, hurry, fast, fast

Better file that class action suit, then stand in line with all the other creditors seeking compensation. And that line is a city block long!

Google Altegrity. Seems they will be seeking Chapter 11 protection sooner than later. What happened to all their high-dollar contracts and revenue streams?