Various Clearance Questions - Adjudication

I have quick questions about clearances

  1. From my understanding I have been found suitable by HR, and still being adjudicated for security at a 3 letter agency. Is it is rare to be found SUITABLE by HR and STILL be denied a clearance from security. In other words, is it uncommon to be denied a clearance DESPITE HR having declared a candidate SUITABLE. From my understanding they use the same case files, and similar criteria

  2. How long on average is adjudication? My file has been in adjudication for over 10 weeks. From my understanding the average time is around 20 days, is the government shutdown to blame?

Thank you everyone, I am just going crazy waiting for this job to start. I have to make a lot of life changes so I really am curious

Absolutely. HR wants to know if you can show up on time, perform the function they will trade dollars for. The clearance eligibility is a risk assessment of if THEY trust you with classified material. Your HR may or may not be cleared themselves. But their focus is on getting butts in the seat. Clearance is focused on making the best decisions on trust based on known risk factors. And they still don’t always get it right based on Snowden and Chelsea Manning and all others. Adjudication is based on your own risk factors. If you have known items…you may take a while. If you have nothing under any of the eligibility criteria…it should be faster. will

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Thank you for your response amberbunny, I am still confused on the whole suitability vs clearance adjudication. Don’t they both use the same file and look for similar things? I saw the criteria for suitability and it reviews honesty, integrity and ensuring the prospective employee is good. And the criteria for clearances are similar, ensuring honesty as well.

I am just confused why would someone be deemed suitable but denied clearance, also thank you for your wealth of knowledge :slight_smile:

There is are numerous articles that explain it if you do your research. Here are a few:
Suitability Adjudication vs Security Adjudication or

HR could use the same criteria if they wish but they aren’t adjudicators and their decision means nothing as far as granting clearance.

Your question has been answered.

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I can tell you I outright rejected many selected by our HR person. I pride myself on interviewing techniques, getting the prospective person to warm up to me and be willing to talk about drugs, crime, credit. I truly want to help people get cleared. HR was focused on butts in the seat, based on qualifications.

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