Vulnerability to blackmail/duress lead to security access denial?

I was sexually assaulted by a former love interest/co-worker. I never reported it. I know I have the option of stating whether I’ve sought mental health treatment for the assault. However, the perpetrator took a video of his assault on me. And judging by his behavior following the assault, I would assume he was either going to blackmail me into more “encounters” and if it didn’t work he would try to ruin my reputation…further? The perpetrator is a cleared TS/SCI employee. I haven’t sought employment until recently because i had been afraid to go back to the same agency. But I’ve worked in my field for at least a decade, its too much to let this man flush my goals down the drain.

Would this incident result in a denial of access?

The main concern here is whether you can overcome the possibility of coercion if this person decides to try and use the video. More importantly, because you did not report a crime committed by someone you know to hold a high level clearance, that is another very serious concern, and it casts doubt on your own judgment. How do you know he has a video? What evidence can you present in the event that it comes to light? I advise you get legal counsel as well as your mental counselor to provide you with options that will allow you to get past this and progress with your career.

If he decided to use the video, I know I wouldn’t comply with anything he had to say. Are you saying that in order to mitigate the concern, I have to report it?

I don’t know if he still has the video, but I know he took it as a trophy. And I know he recorded the video, because he was using his phone and abusing me at the same time. I have very limited evidence unless they decide to check his electronics and phone records.

Thank you for your response, I spoke with someone today and hope I can get some options as to moving forward.

From an ethical point of view, yes, you should have reported it. Especially if he (and/or you) were in a cleared status at the time of the incident. However, it is understandable that you would have reservations now because of the lack of proof on your part and the time elapsed. It is ultimately your decision based on your conscious as you how you proceed, but just a note, this individual who now holds a high level clearance committed a crime and got away with it. Not exactly a trustworthy guy who should have access to classified information, at least in my book.