Young and very stupid


Approximately 33 years ago I worked part time nights for a security outfit by the name of Wackenhut. No Joke. They had a contract with Mack Trucks. We walked and key punched a clock we carried. I was accused of taking cutout pictures of nude women displayed on refrigerators in lunchrooms and some work areas. I deigned it and was ultimately let go on the spot. No more discussion. The night manager told me it was going on my record and that I would not be able to get another security guard job again. It was humiliating then and it is humiliating now. Is there anything I can do to see what is on my record? clear my record? I have been deigned security clearance a few times while looking for entry level IT Jobs recently.


You don’t say in what context this was reported and to whom? OPM investigations are destroyed by them after 15 years. Company records are also destroyed IAW with their own timelines, so I seriously doubt there would be any record of it. It is not required for disclosure on any current security forms, so there must be something else that is an issue and you should have been notified as to why you were denied.


Wackenhut supervisor told me it was going on my record and could never go away… scarey stuff. So anyway thank you for sharing what you have so far.

I don’t know what else it might be.

In 2003 I applied to a local IT company in the Leigh Valley. Very few places were hiring. I had a small computer business after graduating from Lincoln Technical Institute but was hoping to get in with a big company. The hiring practice was that I had to turn over my customers and pass a security back round check. They told me that If I did not pass the security test I would not be called back. I never got the call. I assumed it was from the security guard history. I wish I had been told more at the time.

I did subcontracting work for a few staffing IT companies and worked in places that required security clearance. I never needed to get my own in those cases

I am driving for a local company and augmenting it with my own business when I can.

So How can I find out what/ if anything is preventing me from getting a security clearance? If there is something else I’d like the chance to clear it up if possible. Is it possible?


I think you are confusing being denied a security clearance versus passing the company pre-employment screening. It sounds like you merely did not pass the hiring/pre-screening process for the jobs you applied for. For your official investigation history you can go to OPM’s Federal Investigative Services website and find out how to request copies of all investigations they have on file for you.


Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

I will follow up with filing for that info. I am grateful.