Waiting for EOD

On 10/22, I received an email from HR that I cleared by BI for DHS and they wanted to start me in my new position on 10/28. I was on vacation and away from my office when I received this notification. Yaaay!

Policy at my current job requires us to submit resignation via company email, that of which I do not have access to outside of the office. I told HR I could not do so given the aforementioned and wouldn’t be back in my office until 10/26 to provide notice. HR advised that they needed to start me at the beginning of a pay period. Given my current position as a supervisor in a municipal agency and projects I’d like to wrap up out of respect to the current employer as well as training my replacement (takes 2 weeks to hire replacement and 6 weeks to train) and keeping the DHS pay periods in mind-- I asked for a 12/23/2018 start date.

I did however advise that I understood DHS also has a position to fill and I was more than willing to start when THEY needed me with respect to (2) weeks notice to my current employer, this was just a favor I was asking for if there was “wiggle room”. I figured that I would receive a final offer upon my return from vacation so I could submit my resignation to my current employer, however–radio silence.

HR advised my yesterday (after I reached out to them) that they not heard anything back from sector–but they would reach out a second time. My question is, should I be concerned or is this just the government dragging their feet? I did clearly advise in my email that I was willing to start sooner if needed, as clearly employment with them takes priority over my current position–it was just a move I’d like to offer out of respect.

I do have a direct contact with the DHS sector whose hiring me, but I wasn’t sure if contacting them would be appropriate. Any advice?

I would certainly explain to the sector POC what is happening so HR does not misinterpret or mispresent your situation. Kudos to you for wanting to leave honorably. I recommend that to all. Never burn bridges. My company also starts people on the beginning of new paydays. But bumping it out a pay period or 2 is usually well within tolerances. 2 months may be stretching it a tad depending on the level you are going in at. I see more tolerance for higher level positions than for rank and file.