Start date before EQIP submission?

So I renewed my secret clearance in June of 2021 with no issues. Got out in April of 2022 honorably and am now onboarding for a federal job that requires the same clearance as I had before because it is the same job I had while on active duty. So I’ve done all of the onboarding stuff and completed my physical 2 weeks ago. I emailed my HR rep and informed her I still have not been contacted by the security office yet for clearance. She replied and said you have “cleared security” and emailed me the same day with my start date which is in 2 weeks. I haven’t done my finger prints either but I was told I’ll do those my first day anyway. So my question is: did they just reactivate my previous clearance after they did my background check or something? Everyone else I have talked too said they submitted their EQIP before they ever got a start date. And I can’t seem to find anything online specific like my situation. I’m just trying to make sure nothing has slipped through the cracks because HR has not been exactly on top of everything thus far. Any advice or experiences like this are appreciated!

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Your new employer probably accepted your recent background investigation for their needs. Congrats and enjoy your new job.


Hi. It’s a principle called reciprocity which means if you have a background investigation at the same level or above the level that is required and the investigation is within five years, the agency does not need to do a new investigation on you, to include fingerprints.