Waiver Denied but still pending background info.

I have recently submitted my security clearance and was in the Military. Up until the last months of my employment with the military I did experiment with harder drugs. I recieved an honorable discharge, I did list that I used drugs while having a security clearance. I also was using drugs for a while and have been sober for 2 1/2 years with a recent negative drug screening. I have some debt that I am taking care of. So my waiver for a security clearance was denied does should I expect an overall denial of security clearance or is there something that would save me for the whole background screening?

Your age, type and amount of drug use will come into play regarding the decision made. I am unaware of a waiver for your clearance. Were you expecting to skip a background investigation by speaking to having a clearance in the military and they told you you must submit an initial BI SF 86? You disclosed the information. Hopefully the financial issue isn’t’ too severe. When I screen prior to submitting if there is drug use and financial issues…those are the two primary reasons people do not clear. Added together it may be insurmountable.