Weird Interview - Questions if anyone has experienced this

So I am in process for a secret clearance for a dod contractor.
The interviewer contacted me by text message and made himself known and asked about coming to see me and schedule a time at work. This was fine as I have heard other coworkers state they experience the same…

Day of the in person interview the investigator failed to show he about 4 days later via voicemail (missed his call) and text that he had a mild heart attack the day of our scheduled interview… and asked to schedule it 4 days from the day of the message…
This alarmed me due to the fact that if you just had a heart attack I would be focused on my health and not necessarily work…

I agreed if he was up to it… He arrived at my job in a conference room showed his credentials and asked to verify mine… then he told me the interview would be recorded. He never asked if I agreed to being recorded he just started the interview…

He checked out from what I gather as legit I just don’t recall when I had a similar experience gaining high public trust the in person interview being recorded.

Is that legal?

  1. I’ve made contact with subject via text as a last resort after I learn that the work number on their questionnaire is outdated, they don’t have their voice mail set up, their voice mail is full, they don’t return calls, etc.

  2. I have not no-showed a subject but I have rescheduled interviews from my hospital bed - before the interview - in the wake of an unplanned medical issue.

  3. An investigator, as far a I know, should never record an interview. Neither should a subject. However, I always assume that my subject is secretly recording the interview - I’m sure it happens - and never say anything that would put me or my organization in a bad position if made public.

Highly unusual. Interviews are never recorded. I might report to your security officer.

Did you see a recording device of any kind actively recording while your interview took place?

No he just stated it.

My interview was recorded, I had no choice. Is this legal?

It really depends on the agency, but I know in the handbook you’re not supposed to record anything!!! I probably would report him.

So by mentioning a recorded interview- recorded as in voice recording and could be played back from tape - or - recorded meaning notes taken for the record?

It might be possible that in the rare occasion an FI would be permitted to use a voice recorder due to a handicap (?)

Hopefully you have been able to get in touch with the FI to better explain before getting in touch with the security official.

one way to find out is a FOIA request, and ask specifically for the recording.

I have never, in two decades,electronically recorded an interview. Paper only!


I’ve never heard of an instance where it is acceptable to record an interview. In fact we were explicitly instructed never to do so. Do you know what branch or authority this investigator claimed to be working for?